Welcome to the OpenGBase - database component set.

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    The OpenGBase is a continuation of the GBase database engine. Now it has become open source project. The GBase package, as parent of this release, has been successfully tested in real applications through the last 6 years.
Now, we begin the OpenGBase project as the full stable version.
But, I think, we can add some improvements, new features, and so on.

For the new users:
    The OpenGBase is standalone relational database component set for delphi.
It stores data in its own format and is not derived from any another data-access components. It works with all versions of delphi. Maybe in the future it will be translated to C++ language too.

Short description:
  • GBase tables own unique structure, NOT depended on typical Borland's components, and do NOT need any additional engines like BDE, ADO, and so on. GBase needs no data-access Borland's libraries.
  • Quick access to stored data through indexes and find methods,
  • The tables store all data types, and even any files,
  • System consists of non-visual main components and many visual controls linked with tables: Grid, Edit, Label, ListBox, CheckListBox, ComboBox, Memo, RichEdit, ScrollPositioner, UpDownPositioner, ImgPositioner, MapPositioner,
  • It is provided import and export to dBase tables,
  • There is also GReport - a component to create reports based on GBase tables (preview, print, save to file and clipboard),
  • GTool component provides methods to table copy, pack, reindexing,
  • There is also included GBaseCreator (program to manage with table's structure),
  • and, naturally help documentation and examples,

Shortest explanation how to use:

    Insert a main component to a form, if you want, add visual controls for data edition, add some lines of the code - and you have a functional database for your program. You don't need any external servers, configurations and so on. The main idea of OpenGBase is simplicity.

Development page on the sourceforge.net:

Home https://sourceforge.net/projects/opengbase
Forum: https://sourceforge.net/forum/?group_id=187255
Download: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=187255
Documentation: https://sourceforge.net/docman/?group_id=187255

Have a good time...
And join to us to improve the OpenGBase!
Grzegorz Pacyna